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Cuddly Rabbit

4.4 ( 3504 ratings )
游戏 액션 어드벤처
开发 Damir Kokeza

Help a fluffy and cuddly rabbit to run, leap and avoid many different, challenging and interesting obstacles. Try to collect as many carrots as you can, because your going to need them for checkpoints. Tap the left side of the screen to jump and the right side to run forward and backward.

Be careful on wooden boxes, because the can move. Beware from apples and oranges, they can smash you when falling from the trees. Try not to get caught by a bird, eating plant or a hedgehog. When you make it to the Hunted forest, outrun the angry bees, because they are going to sting you.

This game will make you happy and it will be fun to play every day. Compete with your friends and try to get the best high score.


*fluffy and cuddly rabbit
*different and challenging scenes
*green and hunted forest
*birds, eating plants, hedgehogs and angry bees
*apples, oranges, wooden traps and wooden boxes